The new version 'Four Guardians' is coming! Check out what's new!


 The sun and the moon take turns, and the Four Guardians gather!

On May 13, the latest expansion of Onmyoji: the Card Game—Four Guardians—will officially launch. New content will be introduced to the Ranked Match—the new Faction mechanism. Today's FAQ is mainly for the detailed description of the Ranked Match Revamped. Please take a look.


Q1. Why does Onmyoji: the Card Game release the Faction mechanism?

Since the server went online, Onmyoji: the Card Game continually release new cards and the number of Shikigami has increased from 29 of the most basic version to 75 now. The information regarding deck building, card choosing, and card viewing that players are facing have also increased, which making the game increasingly complex.


In the Ranked Match, when we try to release some new Shikigami to update the old deck and adjust the balance, we found that some Shikigami are over common in decks. They will dominate the higher Rankings for a long time. The unrestrained deck creating causes a mode of Shikigami best deck. We consider that this mode needs to be optimized.


Like in other card games, they have mechanisms of limitation such as classes, camps, color, and so on. Therefore, we decided to issue a Faction mechanism in deck creation before more Shikigami and decks joining in the game.


On the other hand, we hope that with the Faction system in place, players can try to build more cross-dimensional decks and less sole optimal Shikigami solutions. By limiting the number of factions, the game will become easier for new players that are not familiar with the cards, making them more likely to find their favorite decks.


Q2. How many factions will there be? How do factions affect the Ranked Match?

Faction is a mechanism that applies to all Shikigami. We will evenly distribute the existing Shikigami and the new Shikigami that we will be added in the new versions into four different factions. With the faction mechanism, each deck in the Ranked Match will be composed of Shikigami from up to two different factions.


Q3. When will the Ranked Match change?

When the Four Guardians expansion pack goes online(After maintenance on May 13), Ranked Match will be played with standard decks.


Q4. What are the names of the 4 factions? What's the division of faction according to?

Given the actual performance of each type of Shikigami and the currently commonly used decks, with the aim to group Shikigami with similar positioning into one  faction, they are divided into the following four factions:

①Red Lotus Faction

 Shikigami from the Red Lotus Faction focuses on developing their power and health and can gain an advantage with Spell and Form Ability. 


②Violet Rock Faction

Violet Rock Faction Shikigami has excellent defense and recovery ability. They are good at gradually accumulating advantages through various card abilities.


③Blue Mist Faction

Blue Mist Faction Shikigami are good at controlling the pace of combat by various means. They are also good at getting various special abilities via Spells.


④Green Leaf Faction

Green Leaf Faction Shikigami excels at speed. They can end the battle quickly.


We will have a more detailed introduction about the 4 factions in the future. Please stay tuned!


Q5. When the standard mode is activated on Ranked Match, will the original mode be still available?

When the new version goes online, players can build two kinds of decks—

Standard decks: Contain Shikigami from one or two factions.

Limitless decks: Free deck creating without faction limited.

Standard decks and Limitless decks use independent deck slots. In the deck system, you can choose to build a Standard deck or a Limitless deck. After the version is updated, players will get a certain number of Standard deck slots, which are equal to the deck slots unlocked by a player before the version update.


Players can play in Limitless mode by entering Player Match. In the Story, Shotengai’s PVE combat, players can use any kind of deck to duel. Different deck-creating modes will be available in event gameplay like Shinkiro Myth according to the different gameplay.


Q6. Are there any other new systems added to this expansion?

The new version also adds the Ranked Match Growth System and Faction Markers.


① Growth system

When a player wins a Ranked Match, he/she can advance Ranked Growth Level. When the Growth Level is increased, he/she can get corresponding growth level rewards, including Card Packs and Gold. In every season, the growth level will be reset, and players can get rewards again.


② Faction markers

When players use the deck of different factions to duel and win, a Faction marker will be displayed in the match. When players win a certain number of games with decks of the corresponding faction, the new faction marker of the faction will be unlocked.


version update benefits 〓

After this update, players will be able to get 20 PYO Card Packs upon logging in. You can choose any Card Packs including Four Guardians Card Pack.